scaletime research project


Main goal of the project

To improve the scalability and compatibility of the different steps in the production process of microfluidic cartridges for Point-of-Care diagnostics.

Further info

A commonly known bottleneck in the production of microfluidic cartridges is the scalability of the different fabrication steps and their integration. Getting to a higher technology readiness level (TRL), which basically means moving from prototyping to large volume production, scalability contributes to an economically viable production of individual components as well as integrated devices.
Within ScaleTime four SME’s are collaborating to demonstrate the upscaling fabrication of different micro- and nanotechnological components of devices for Point-of-Care diagnostics. The aim is to further develop required technologies to produce microfluidic cartridges for enzymatic bioassays at a large scale relying on injection molding. Technologies like flow control, bonding, and coating of a biochip are investigated. The intended end product is a demonstrator of a microfluidic cartridge for a blood coagulation assay.


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This project is supported by the MIT-R&D-collaboration projects program, project number MIT.Oost.RD.719.2018.