Assembly and interfacing

Chip assembled with electrical wires and tubes for fluids

Assembly and interfacing

Next to building separate components, our customers more and more ask us to assemble microfluidic and MEMS modules into a complete, customized lab-on-a-chip device. Assembly is executed in our cleanroom facilities using ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. Quality and traceability of all assembled components are secured in our quality management system. Identification (e.g. barcoding), packaging, and labeling of assembled products can be done according to customer needs.


We combine the necessary techniques to reach the exact assembly process that is needed for your device. We can offer several assembly technologies, such as:

  • Flip-chip bonding and underfilling (e.g. for the integration of various types of sensors)

  • Dispensing of liquid adhesives (e.g. optical, thermally, or electrically conductive)

  • PSA tape cutting and aligned bonding

  • UV and thermal curing

  • Surface functionalization (e.g. PECVD coatings)

  • Spotting of biological content

  • Plasma activation

  • Laser marking (e.g. barcoding)

With these technologies, we can assemble various materials such as thermoplastic polymers, elastomers, resins, glass, silicon, metals, or any combination of these (e.g. hybrids).


We collaborate with several industrial partners that specialize in the design and manufacturing of (semi-) automated assembly equipment. This maximizes our flexibility and enables us to scale efficiently from low volume prototyping to medium and high volume production.

Lab-on-a-chip interfacing

Interfacing of microfluidic set-ups is one of the things Micronit specializes in. Excellent connections between the microfluidic chip and external equipment and/or hardware (e.g. pumps, or interfacing between a sensor PCB and electrode contact on the microfluidic device) are of the highest importance for a successful assay. Fluidic and electronic connections to external equipment can be made either by standardized accessories that we sell in our web store or by solutions that are tailor-made for your specific set-up.


Micronit aims at providing standardized interfacing solutions to the microfluidics world. Connections should be compatible with different suppliers of microfluidic devices. In many cases adapting to standards like microscope slides and SBS microtiter plate formats are possible. You can find these standard interfacing solutions in our web store. Connection types can be selected based on operating conditions such as pressure, temperature, reusability.


Available interfacing platforms:

We can realize a range of interfacing types:

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