In-vitro diagnostics & Point-of-Care

Lab-on-chip for in vitro diagnostics (ivd) / point-of-care (poc)

The in vitro diagnostics/Point-of-Care market

The in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market is growing fast, which is very beneficial for the associated microfluidic device market. Micronit is part of this chain as a developer and manufacturer of labs-on-chips. We supply parts, but also fully integrated microfluidic cartridges.

Currently, the in vitro diagnostics/Point-of-Care (PoC) market is still dominated by tests that are performed in a hospital setting, or at least by a healthcare professional. But in the near future testing is expected to be done ‘anywhere, by anyone’. Improved integrated sample preparation steps enable more complex on-chip assays. Besides that, there is a demand for multi-deployable test platforms that let users/patients choose from a ‘menu’ of different tests, only needing one device for the lot. This too asks for highly integrated systems.


In the IVD/PoC market, all trends aim towards increasing the total of functions on a single platform, while reducing its footprint. For more info on these trends, see our articles:

Application areas

The majority of IVD/PoC can be classified into two application areas: molecular diagnostics, which concerns the detection and amplification of nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), and immunoassays, where testing revolves around immune system responses to antibodies and antigens.

End users

End users in the in vitro diagnostics/Point-of-Care market are hospitals, laboratories, and research institutes. Currently, clinical settings still make up the biggest part of this market, but it seems inevitable that this number will be overtaken by Point-of-Care testing (at a GP’s practice) and patient/consumer self-testing (at home).

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