Genomics consumables

Nanopatterned flow cell

Micronit, one of the world’s key providers of genomics consumables

Genomics, the study of the complete set of an organism’s genetic material, is becoming an important factor in medical decision-making. In a progressing number of disciplines, the patient’s genomic data is used as a starting point for the diagnostic or therapeutic process. Where in the past genomics was a field of research that was exclusively carried out at large, specialized companies, over the years it has become a standard process in smaller laboratories as well.

Flagship product

Micronit started more than ten years ago as a supplier of genomics consumables and is now one of the key suppliers in this dynamic industry. Our flagship product, a flow cell used for next generation DNA sequencing, has sold over 2 million units over the years to biotech companies worldwide. Our customers, varying from ambitious start-ups to one of the key global players in the next gen sequencing market, rely on our track record of years of supplying our optical grade, high-quality flow cells.


Currently, an estimated 25% of all sequencing platforms worldwide is using flow cells manufactured by Micronit. Our products are used for cancer research, hereditary diseases, forensics, and currently they are also used to analyze SARS-CoV-2. By continuously sequencing samples of the virus, new and emerging variants can immediately be recognized and analyzed. Partly due to these developments, the growth potential for sequencing products is unprecedented.

Micronit’s 2021 score card of one of the major global parties in NGS

DNA for data storage

But there are also opportunities for the use of genomics outside the medical field. It is expected that synthetic DNA will in time be used as storage space for digital data. No other carrier can contain so much information in such a small space than DNA. With just one gram of synthetic DNA, no less than 215,000 TB of data can be stored. This obviously offers great opportunities for tech providers who need to store and archive unimaginable amounts of data. Although this application of DNA technology is still in its early stages, Micronit has already started developing a prototype of a future data storage DNA chip.

Custom-made sequencing consumables

Micronit is an experienced development and manufacturing partner for genomics consumables. We are open to partners that wish to develop a new product, tailored to their specific wishes and needs. We run multiple projects at different maturity stages from development to manufacturing.

Application areas:

  • Genomics

  • Point-of-Care Diagnostics

  • Single Cell Analysis


  • DNA sequencing

  • Cell counting & Analysis

  • Spectroscopy

  • Immunoassays

  • Particle counting

  • Flow visualization

Silicon-glass hybrid flow cell

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