About Micronit

Micronit is a trusted leader in high-quality microfluidic solutions. Our specialized team empowers clients to bring innovative products to market in life science and healthcare with cutting-edge technology and personalized support.

Our company

While the world keeps thinking bigger. We plunge down into the unseen world of microtechnologies. We team up with our clients in an idea to manufacturing process. Developing unique microfluidic based solutions for life changing companies. Together we enable a world where healthcare is made easy, affordable and accesable.

At Micronit, we see that micro- and nanotechnologies have an enormous impact on improving healthcare. As a contract development and manufacturing partner of microfluidic based consumables, we are proud to have contributed to the technologies of today and are thrilled to enable the technologies
of tomorrow.

Together we create impact with life changing products.

Founded in 1999, the company has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality products for customers worldwide. Micronit's products are used in a variety of applications, including life science and healthcare. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Micronit is committed to providing the best microfluidic solutions to its customers.

Transforming concepts into real products

Our experience with thousands of microfluidic projects has taught us that no matter how great an idea is, it will never see the light of day if it exceeds the thresholds of costs, scalability, and feasibility. That is why we at Micronit make sure that our customers are surrounded by specialists. From designers to project engineers. Our experts guide the product development process from the first prototype to volume manufacturing. Our goal is to transform your concept into a successful product. At Micronit, we put all our energy and passion into developing life-changing products for our clients!

Our mision: we believe in a future where people age healthily.