Manufacturing microfluidic consumables

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At Micronit, we team up with our customers in a complete design-to-manufacturing trajectory. Together we take the path from idea to contract manufacturing. Creating a functional and reproducible end product is our mutual goal. We start thinking about the manufacturability of the product right from the start. Making the right design choices in an early phase prevents stagnation of the process when hand-over to manufacturing is due.


When the product is ready for manufacturing, we make sure all necessary procedures and documents are completed. During the manufacturing process, we conduct internal audits on all process steps. Our processes and traceability procedures are in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Next to that, we are working towards GMP compliance. This way, we can offer the best services in creating the ground-breaking products our customers need!


The production line below gives you an idea of the possibilities of contract manufacturing at Micronit:

Pilot line, enlargement

Are you curious about the infrastructure in our labs and cleanrooms? Take a look at our list of machinery.

The journey from idea to contract manufacturing is hardly ever without surprises. At Micronit, we have the experience and expertise to guide our customers through this trajectory in the most efficient and reliable way.

Are you looking for a contract manufacturing partner to start this journey with? Contact us, and let’s start discussing your product today!

What our customers say about us

“They did a very good job in establishing the relationship”