phobiosens research project


Main goal of the project

To further develop a photonic sensor chip into a portable device that enables easy measurement of antibiotics and bacteria in dairy products in a fast and cheap manner.

Further info

Current detection methods for contaminants in food products are expensive and time and labor-intensive. The long lead times of these processes often result in the loss (destruction) of large quantities of contaminated product. In the dairy industry, in particular, there is a great need for a simple and cost-effective method to detect contaminants such as antibiotics and bacteria. The partners in the PhoBioSens project are working on a method for fast multiplex detection of antibiotics in milk, based on a multi-channel photonic sensor. Several innovative technologies such as lab-on-a-chip, microfluidics, inkjet printing, and photonic sensing will be integrated into a portable demonstrator. This demonstrator is a first step towards a handheld device that can detect antibiotics in milk quickly and accurately on site, like dairy farms and dairies.



This project is supported by the RAAK funding scheme, file number RAAK.MKB11.028.