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Main goal of the project

To deliver an integrated Point-of-Care solution for diagnosis and therapy monitoring of heart failure patients.

Further info

Despite a vast knowledge of the pathophysiology of heart failure, diagnosis of this disease is still challenging because of the large variety of potential clinical symptoms that can occur. For the same reasons, therapy monitoring of patients with heart failure is difficult. The KardiaTool consortium is joining forces to create a Point-of-Care product that can detect and assess biomarkers for heart failure. The biomarkers are examined through a saliva sample, which ensures non-invasive and fast testing. The test platform will consist on the one hand of the lab-on-chip with which the saliva is analyzed, and on the other hand decision support software that links the supplied biomarker information with other data about the specific patient. The tool will provide an easier, more accurate, and more personalized analysis of the patient’s condition.




The KardiaTool project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, proposal number: 768686.