Microfluidics MEMS silicon

Certain microtechnology applications demand excellent mechanical properties and the feasibility of integrating sensors and electronics on the same substrate. Properties such as high temperature resilience, the precise definition of channels or pores, high aspect ratio structures, the integration of electrodes or even integration with electronic circuits and CMOS, are used within processes using silicon. For example in bioMEMS applications.

Applications with specific functions

Silicon is used for applications with specific functions in the pharmaceutical and life science research sector. For example, silicon has a good chance of being the right material when combining CMOS technology with microtechnology to make a CMOS biosensor. 

Positive characteristics

The uniform temperature distribution, especially compared to glass which is thermically insulating, enables silicon to generate a large temperature gradient. Other positive characteristics of silicon are that it can be combined with other materials such as polymer and glass (see hybrid-page) and that it offers great design flexibility whilst using the right micromachining techniques. 

Silicon wafers

At Micronit, we process wafers of 100 mm, 150 mm or 200 mm diameter:

  • <100> silicon wafers
  • <110> silicon wafers
  • <111> silicon wafers

Silicon can be chosen when using our miproto prototype service in the web store. You can immediately generate a quote for your specific design


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