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When it comes to low cost high volume disposables; polymers are often considered to be the best choice of material. Also, when a prototype is needed; polymer is often the first material that comes to mind. Polymers are an excellent medium for microfluidic or as a broadening of the traditional silicon approaches of MEMS.

Perfect for many microfluidic applications

The wide assortment, possibility for tuning of the material properties and economical production upscaling, make polymers a perfect choice for many microfluidic applications. It’s especially useful in many biological, pharmaceutical and medical applications due to its well-known biocompatibility, optical transparency, low material cost for volume manufacturing, fast prototyping and short production series.

Smooth technology transfer when scaling-up

Working with polymers can also be useful when you want to scale up production volumes. When taken into account at the initial stage of the process, it is possible to realise a smooth technology transfer to another polymer when scaling up. This way, costs, time and functionality remain manageable.

Most used polymers

At Micronit the most commonly used polymers are PMMA, PS, COC and PC. Are you interested in a different type of polymer? Please feel free to contact us directly. We will be happy to assist you.