Hybrid glass silicon chip

When a chip contains a single function, it performs best if it is made out of a single raw material. But when multiple functions are integrated in the chip, a hybrid chip is often a good solution. 

Increasing demand

In pharmaceutical and life science research, there is an increasing demand for functional integration on microfluidic and MEMS devices. One can think of functions such as sampling, sample transport, filtration, dilution, flow control, mixing, droplet generation, chemical reactions, separation, CMOS integration, optical sensors, biological compatibility and conductivity detection. 

Optimised processes

For the integration of different functions and to control their collateral effects it is desirable to combine multiple materials. Critical is that the differences of the materials are understood to produce qualitative good working chips and devices. During the existence of Micronit, many processes have been optimised to apply to different materials. Also, bonding of different materials is absolutely one of our top specialties. This means for example, that we produce a polymer chip with an assembled small silicon part, in order to gain the best functionality and quality at a reasonable price.


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