Sample preparation


Sample preparation is an essential function for any Point-of-Care (PoC) diagnostic device. There are a wide variety of sample preparation processes and selections that can be made based on both the sample type and the impending diagnostic test. Choosing the right sample preparation process can enable complex analysis of virtually any sample to provide accurate results at PoC.

Micronit has developed several sample preparation processes that are compatible with a wide variety of microfluidic devices and sample types. These include:

Sample filtration

A sample pre-treatment step, such as blood filtration, is often required in diagnostic applications to separate the analyte of interest from the complex sample matrix. At Micronit, we have modules for blood plasma separation with on-chip integrated filtration membranes. The integrated membranes are commercially available polymeric and asymmetric blood filtration membranes, and have all been built into capillary flow-based polymeric microfluidic devices.

Volume metering

In some instances, we use robust fabrication technologies to create precisely defined volumes. These on-chip structures can be filled on demand using capillary flow and well-placed burst valves and splitter channels. Accurate sample metering means that concentrations are easy to calculate. In addition, sensing principles that count molecules not only give qualitative data but also quantitative data. Volume metering is ideal for the accurate control of passive PoC in low resource settings.