Mixing and reaction

Mixing of fluids in microfluidics can be performed in various ways, using so-called folding flow techniques. Folding flow mixers consist of a chain of elements. In each element the flow is folded upon itself, decreasing the length scale for mixing and thus reducing the mixing time.

Microreactor technology (MRT) or flowchemistry is an upcoming technology in the fine-chemistry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Microreactor technology comprises continuously mixing and performing chemistry in equipment with small internal dimensions. These small dimensions are the base for more efficient, economic and safer chemistry. Furthermore, the technology is ideal for reaction screening: it is possible to test several reaction parameters in a fast and efficient way.

The excellent mass- and heat-transfer properties of microreactors give this technology many advantages over batchwise chemistry:

  • higher yield and selectivity
  • inherently safer processing
  • straight forward scaling-up
  • continuous production possible
  • improved reactor control
  • enables new chemistry