Cell culturing

Cell culturing platforms in various materials

Micronit provides cell culturing platforms in various materials, whereof each has its own advantages. According to the diversity of the materials the culturing platforms are suitable e.g. to cultivate zebrafish embryos as well as various cell types, for instance serving as organ-on-a-chip models. For the cultivation often controlled perfusion is necessary. The cell culture platforms from Micronit can either be used with external perfusion actuation, due to pressure stable connections, or the platform itself contains internal perfusion actuation systems. UV/VIS transparent material allows optical or fluorescent detection methods of the cultured specimens and their products.

Resealable flow cells

Beyond permanently closed culture platforms, Micronit has developed platforms that are based on resealable flow cells. The advantage of resealable flow cells is that these could be opened to analyze surface bound molecules or cells, e.g. with mass spectroscopy or force spectroscopy. Additionally, cultivated cells could be easily harvested in the reopened chamber.

Typical applications of cell culture chips include:

  • Cell culturing
  • Integration of DNA or protein arrays



  • Excellent optical properties
  • Inert materials
  • Resealable
  • Custom design
  • Compatible with the Fluidic Connect PRO chipholder