Unmatched flexibility and applicability

Micromachining is a well-established abrasive method for working with polymers, metals, alloys and many other materials during fabrication. Micronit specialises in high precision direct micromilling, as well as in creating moulds for microfluidic applications. This technology is especially useful for rapid prototyping and short fabrication series. Furthermore, it sharpens the features down to a few tens of microns. Micromachining offers unmatched flexibility and applicability for manufacturing in a wide range of materials. This flexibility makes it particularly suitable for fast idea-to-prototype runs, fabrication of complicated 2.5D and 3D structures, iterative product design and development, as well as for providing medium scale production.

Direct micromachining using CNC-Milling

Direct micromachining using CNC milling (computer numerical control milling) is about eliminating materials on a micrometre scale. This is a process that Micronit uses to make microfluidic products. Mainly, this process is used for fast prototyping with bio-compatible materials, which makes it particularly useful for biological, pharmaceutical or medical applications.
Typically, this process is used to create moulds for replication methods that include hot-embossing and injection moulding.


  • Fast turnaround time as micromachining is ideal for fast prototyping
  • Cost-effective moulds with micromilling ensures a good start for low volume production series
  • Biocompatibility is assured by low temperature and the selection of the right materials