True partnership in the development of your product

The development of a successful microfluidic or MEMS device starts with a good and reliable design, suitable for manufacturing and with the shortest possible time to market. And that is something we are good at. Over the years we have helped industrial customers bring successful, next generation products to market especially products in the medical and life science research technology field.

Meeting your product development needs

Together with you, our specialists and engineers will create a tailored design that meets your requirements, taking functionality, scalability and cost into consideration. In order to do so, our multidisciplinary team would like to start a true partnership with your development team, to achieve your goals in the most efficient and reliable matter.


The process

What can you expect when you team up with our product developers:

  1. Identifying your design requirements
    Our team will start by identifying your design requirements and fabrication strategy, so that they can tailor the solution to your needs.
  2. An agile design process
    Then an agile design process starts within the Micronit R&D team. The team will select the appropriate materials for your design, staying within your budgetary guidelines.
  3. Design and prototype testing
    Next up is design and prototype testing, if necessary followed by the implementation of reiterations.
  4. Transfer to manufacturing
    This stage includes the assembly and packaging of commercial products. Quality control and assurance measurements are embedded in accordance to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 directives, such as Statistical Process Control and traceability procedures.


True partnership

Partnering makes us one team.

Transparent IP policy

Clear agreements protect your and our intellectual property.

Your application at the core

From idea to manufacturing. We cherish joined growth.

Increase your revenue

Experience and automation from design to production saves you time and money.

For French relations: CIR

We believe in strong, collaborative partnerships. We support our clients in any way that lies within our possibility.

As a part of this, Micronit Microtechnologies has obtained accreditation for the French research tax credit (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche, CIR). The French government recognises Micronit as an innovative R&D service provider for French companies. This means that Micronit’s French clients can claim a tax relief on their outsourced R&D expenditures.

Interested? Take a look at Micronit’s accreditation.

You can find further information on the CIR tax credit here.