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Small and large scale manufacturing of your product(s)

At Micronit we utilise efficient processes and have the best facilities to create, assemble and package your microfluidic and/or MEMS devices. From the small scale production of prototypes to the large scale production of wafers or chips, we adapt to your request. Combined with our global delivery possibilities, we are your ideal partner for manufacturing.

World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

Integrating new production methods with high-quality, automatic and measurable manufacturing processes, is part of the World Class Manufacturing culture that has been implemented at Micronit. This way we can create a perfect balance between functionality, cost and scalability. Furthermore, fast and reliable scale-up production is one of our core competencies. In other words, we guarantee you an optimal product that meets your requirements, with minimal time-to-market.

Critical to quality

By using the ‘House of quality’ diagram, we are able to map out our Critical o Quality (CTQ) tree. This method is an assurance that your requirements are optimally converted into production parameters, to create a product that fully meets your expectations.

Unique materials

The fabrication techniques for materials such as polymers, glass silicon, hybrids or a combination of materials, belong to our large portfolio of options. It’s our manufacturing processes and the production facilities that make us unique. It allows us to deliver you a competitive and unique product.

Reliable end products

All our processes are defined, documented and monitored by quality checks such as the SPC (Statistical Process Control). We also use traceability procedures that comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Ultimately, our thorough quality system ensures our customers that they can rely on us to have their products manufactured professionally.


High Quality

Guaranteed quality in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Independent manufacturing

Two independent manufacturing facilities offer contingency.

Automation and scalability

Automated equipment for cost effectiveniss, reproducibility and scalability.

Risk management

Tailored quality processes eliminate risks.