Flow cells

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Close up microfluidic flow cell in chip holder

An excellent tool for counting, sorting, manipulation and imaging

Flow cytometry is a common technique for counting and sorting cells, detecting bio-markers and for cell manipulation and imaging. This can be done with a flow cytometer or with microfluidic flow cells. A flow cell is an excellent tool for these purposes because of its capillary channels and optical characteristics. The dimensions of the microfluidic channels can be in the same range as cell diameters allowing single cell sorting and counting.

The superior flatness of the flow cell chips, offered in our web store, allows perfect optical imaging. The thin bottom of this type of flow cell makes it suitable for confocal microscopy. Flow cells can be made out of different materials, e.g. fused silica glass which is also transparent in ultraviolet light.

Resealable flow cells

Besides hermetically sealed flow cells, you can also choose resealable flow cells. Especially when access to the inside of the microfluidic chip is required. For example, for sensing applications the glass surface can be chemically modified using spotting equipment prior to your experiment. These chips are also suitable as a cell culture platform allowing cells to be harvested. To gain an airtight seal between the top and bottom layer, a gasket (made from a solvent resistant elastomer) is applied to the top layer. 

Fields and application

  • Life science research
  • Medical healthcare
  • Diagnostics
  • Environment
  • Cell culturing
  • Integration of DNA or protein arrays

Accuracy & reproducability

This product is precise and accurate, making it ideal for reliable reproduction of your experiments using multiple chips. 

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