Droplet Generators

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Close up focused flow droplet generator in chip holder

Generate highly reproducible micro-sized droplets

Microfluidic droplet generators are excellent tools for generating highly reproducible micro sized droplets. It enables you to generate droplets with much higher precision and repeatability compared to conventional methods. 

For a quick start of your research you can find two standard types of droplet generators in our web store. These are focused flow (small and large droplets) and T-junction chips, both available with and without a hydrophobic coating. Together with the necessary chip holder and pumps you have a versatile platform for your research. 

Customised needs in droplet generation

For other types of droplet generators or complete setups, including parallel droplet generators, we can also be of service to you. Either through our webstoremiproto service or our product development service. This way there is always a design that meets your requirements. 

Basic principles of droplet generation

Microfluidic droplet generation offers much higher precision and repeatability compared to conventional macroscale batch processes for the production of highly monodispersed emulsions in a continuous fashion. By tuning the relative viscosities, surface tension and velocities between the dispersed and the continuous phase, droplets of almost any size can be created. Parallel droplet generators allow high throughput production of monodisperse emulsions for applications in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food industries. Both single and parallel droplet chips are available with hydrophilic or hydrophobic (coated) channel surfaces for both oil-in-water and water-in-oil systems.

Fields and applications

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetics
  • Food industries
  • Chemical reactions
  • Therapeutic agent delivery (e.g. controlled drug release)
  • Biomolecule synthesis
  • Diagnostic chips
  • Drug discovery (e.g. cell culturing)
  • And more...

Speed up and save time

Use parallel droplet generators with multiple nozzles on the same chip to speed up your experiment.



Different applications

With droplet generators you can generate monodisperse particles which is very useful for life-science and chemical analysis reasearch or for the food industry. 

Tailoring your device

Make your own droplet generator with a different nozzle height using miproto in our web store.