Chip holders and connections

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A bridge between micro and macro

In microfluidics you run your experiments on microscale, but monitor your observations with instruments built on macroscale. The challenge is to have an interface that offers a good view on your experiment and that is also leakproof and user friendly. With these three features in mind, Micronit designed chip holders and connections to quickly and easily assist you with your lab-on-a-chip setup. They are compatible with standard laboratory equipment such as syringe pumps and upright and inverted microscopes.

Standardised chip holders

In our web store we offer two types of Chip holders, the Fluidic Connect PRO and the Fluidic Connect 4515. The Fluidic Connect PRO Chip holder is available in multiple variations to cover a range of applications. For example: droplet generation, electrical impedance spectroscopy or cell culturing in a single or 4-slots batch. Moreover, we often build customised versions at the request of our customers. What all these variations have in common is the load and seal design to assure tight connections. Our other chip holder, the Fluidic Connect 4515, enables you to work under high pressure (up to 100 bar/1450 psi).


Sideconnect technology, a new way of making connections

In addition to existing interfacing methods, there is a need to develop new innovative ways to connect. Therefore Micronit is working on a new type of fluidic connection. The patent pending SideConnect technology allows improved integration of microfluidic devices. SideConnect enables high quality chip interfacing that reduces dead volume and sharp edges in the flow path. These connections are particularly interesting for applications that use droplets, particles or very expensive reagents. Also, it enables you to further miniaturise the size of your chip. 

Fields and applications

  • Capillary electrophoresis
  • (Parallelised) droplet generation
  • Micro reactions
  • And many more. 

Easy connections

Optimised chipholders are available. Load your chip, close the holder and start your experiment. 


One chipholder - different configurations

The Fluidic Connect Pro can handle all of chip solutions available in our web store.


World wide delivery

We deliver around the world, making use of the best couriers.