Point-of-care: lithium monitoring chip
The development of a monitoring chip to make at home testing possible for patients suffering from a manic-depressive illness.
Sub-micron technology with an enormous impact
Sensorised organ-on-a-chip systems
Capillary electrophoresis eDAQ
The development of a platform suitable for end column conductivity detection on an electrophoresis chip.
Biochip technology
With Leiden University we developed and prototyped Lab-on-a-chip, containing 32 microwells, made from bonded layers of borosilicate glass.
Innovative models that can result in powerful in-vitro models suitable for replacing some animal experiments and better mimicking the environment.
Electronic nose
With a team of specialists we worked on the development of an electronic nose to detect volatile biomarkers, indicative of early stage lung cancer.
Label free particle sorting
The development of a hot embossed microfluidic chip in a thermoplastic polymer with an array of pillars as small as 20 µm in diameter.
SMARTool for blood analysis
A microfluidic translation of a miniaturised blood analysis device.
Electrical impedance spectroscopy system
Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) chips offer the advantage of acquiring information from cells without the need to label them.
Optochemical Sensing Systems (SAMOSS)
The development of optochemical sensor systems that are capable of performing a chain of operations.
An educational module to build a microsized lab
Lab-on-a-chip: a microsized lab for educational purposes.
Quantitative detection of bacteria
Quantitative detection of bacteria; A new platform for early detection of pathogens
Next-generation sequencing
At the request of our customers, we offer customised flow cells to address their specific sequencing needs. Optical grade, high quality glass flow cel...
Smart organ-on-a-chip platform for drug testing
Lab-on-a-chip technology makes it possible to conduct miniaturised lab analysis on micro- or nanoscale.