Micronit cleanroom


Our fab is the heart of our company! Our processes and traceability procedures are in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Next to that, we are working towards GMP compliance.

We gladly give you an idea of the equipment we work with. After all, these are the tools that help us deliver outstanding products. This list of machinery defines the infrastructure in our labs and cleanrooms.

List of machinery

  • spin coater
  • laminator for film lithography
  • equipment for thin film deposition
  • spin rinse dryer for photoresist
  • automated systems for wet and dry etching
  • (KOH) wet bench
  • powder blasting equipment
  • automatic laser driller
  • CNC milling machine
  • wafer dicer
  • polishing machine
  • scriber
  • barcoding equipment
  • soft embossing press
  • RCA bench
  • wafer cleaning line
  • PE-CVD machine
  • spotter
  • ovens for direct/fusion bonding
  • optical inspection tools
  • pick and place machine

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