Main goal of the project

The Virapoc project aimed to develop a lab-on a chip solution that is able to rapidly diagnose viral infections while drinking your tea on the couch.

COVID-19 has set a new standard of expectations for testing, and knowing whether you’re sick. Most of us are used to a certain routine by now for when we feel sick. If we feel a little feverish, or start coughing, we reach for an at-home testing kit that tells us, with a quick nasal swab and after 15 minutes, whether we have COVID-19 or not.

The question was: Why don’t we have the same self-tests for other common illnesses that spread during the colder months—such as flu and RSV? Would it be great to have one easy to use platform that is suitable for testing multiple infections?

Further info

Having joined forces during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Virapoc consortium aims at developing a rapid virus test platform that is less expensive and easier to scale up than the existing tests. Using loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for DNA amplification should lead to a simpler and much faster testing process than the more common PCR method. Being able to perform a larger number of assays in a shorter period of time will make a significant difference in the fight against the spread of any virus.


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Grants for this project were given by the EU and OP oost.