Expert insight: Sensor integration

Integrated chemiresistor for chemical sensing

Sensor integration

The shift of ‘intelligence’ from surrounding devices into the lab-on-chip itself is an ongoing process. In particular for point-of-care diagnostic devices, it is crucial to minimize the number of handling steps to make the use of the device as simple as possible.

Expert insight

Our expert Pieter-Jan Kwant says about this: “At Micronit we see an increase in applications in which semiconductor technology is combined with microfluidics to create highly innovative lab-on-chip concepts. We have profound development and manufacturing capabilities to create highly integrated microfluidic products. Those integrated consumables create smarter devices and move complexity from the instrument towards the chip.”


Would you like to get a deeper insight into the integration of sensors into lab-on-a-chip products? Download the white paper Pieter-Jan has written on this topic and in which he elaborates on sensor integration and CMOS-fluidics technologies.

About the expert

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In 2013, Pieter-Jan Kwant joined Micronit as an Account Manager and now holds the position of Product Manager. In this role, he is a key figure between engineering and sales. Pieter-Jan completed his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente in 2008 and then held several consultative and engineering positions at tech driven companies. Within Micronit Pieter-Jan is the point of contact for customer solutions and prototyping and he is responsible for the range of catalogue products.