Expert insight: Cell culturing

Cell culturing

On-chip cell culturing is a very fast developing field, and is expected to play an increasingly important role in the pharmaceutical industry.

Expert insight

Our expert Sandro Meucci says: “The culturing of live tissue on a chip can become an essential part of test procedures in drug development. The miniaturization of traditional culturing environments and the integration of sensors allows to increase both the number and the precision of the experiments that can be performed, while reducing the time and money they require. This could greatly accelerate and simplify drug development procedures.”

Curious what else Sandro has to say about this subject? Then download the white paper in which he elaborates on the latest developments in the field of cell culturing!

About the expert

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After studying Biomedical engineering at the University of Pisa, Sandro Meucci held a fellowship at the Italian National Enterprise for nanoScience and nanoTechnology (NEST). In 2015, Sandro joined Micronit as an R&D scientist and was involved in several research projects. Currently, Sandro is part of Micronit’s Core Technology Group as a Senior R&D scientist. Based on his knowledge of the needs in research, he develops new technologies in the biomedical field.