Growth and ambition

Getting ready for a move

We are happy to announce that Micronit is preparing to join all Enschede activities under one roof. A wonderful design has been made for a new building, which will be situated on a lot near the Kennispark Station. It will house our offices, labs, and cleanroom. As we are now working from two Enschede locations, this is a big advantage. Moreover, this building will offer the extra space that is needed considering the expected growth of Micronit in the coming years.

In the slipstream of our plans, another part of the lot will be used by Kadans Science Partner for the realization of a multi-tenant building. Other high-tech firms can settle here, for example, companies in the biomedical or MedTech field. This matches Micronit’s wishes to be part of a clustering of similar businesses, thus creating a vibrant and valuable high tech ecosystem in which companies benefit from each other’s presence and expertise.

We are glad to share some preliminary sketches of our future building here, but of course, the final designs might differ slightly. The plan is to break ground later this year. We still have a long road ahead, but step by step, these new plans are taking shape. We hope you are as excited about them as we are!

20211124-Entreegevel.jpg 20211124-Entree-vanaf-voetgangerspad.jpg