Adding value by making CMOS, MEMS & fluidics meet

Integrated chemiresistor for chemical sensing

Webinar ‘Adding value by making CMOS, MEMS & fluidics meet’


Micronit is a fluidics specialist by heart. Our future lies in hybrid products, however. Incorporating MEMS components and CMOS integration is what adds value to the chips and platforms we create for our customers. The possibility to bring CMOS, MEMS and fluidics together offers enormous opportunities for medical and biological-analytical applications.

Are you interested in this topic? Then register for the webinar that our Business Development Manager Joost Dirven will give on September 15th. Joost will provide insight into the possibilities of industrialization of hybrid platforms and will show examples of innovations made possible by the integration of these technologies. Don't miss it and tune in September 15 at 17.00-18.00 CEST (08.00-09.00 PDT).

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Joost Dirven

Joost Dirven is one of Micronit’s Business Development Managers. Within Micronit, Joost specializes in integrated microfluidics & MEMS applications. Joost studied Biotechnology at Wageningen University, with a specialization in Process Engineering. In 2016, he joined Micronit as an Inside Sales Specialist. Over the years, Joost held various positions within Micronit's Sales department.