Johannes Oonk

Johannes Oonk

Head of process development

Name: Johannes Oonk 
Function: Head of process development
Joined Micronit: 2006

“Participative leadership suits this company and the type of people that work here”


“After completing my study in engineering & physics, I worked elsewhere for some years before I joined Micronit in 2006. Back then it was a very different company, with about 20 people in total. Which is a big difference to the number of colleagues I have today. So as you can imagine, much has changed – including my function and location. I started out as a design engineer, then moved on to becoming a process engineer, then senior process engineer and finally head of process development. Last year, I also moved from the Colosseum in Enschede to the High Tech Factory (where our production department is). Which is good, because now I'm closer to where it all happens.”

Participative leadership

“As head of process development, I coach and supervise our R&D process engineers. A group that focuses on the development of our processes. In this role I don’t tell people what do, but am in favour of participative leadership. Which means I make plans and set goals together with the team. A form of leadership that doesn’t only fit me and the company, but also the type of people that work here.” 

Busy, dynamic and fun

“It's a diverse job. For example, currently we are releasing a new machine, for which a lot of work needs to be done. You cannot just put a machine in the production area. Everything has to be right. In addition, the engineers in my team work on different projects, which may be short-term (a few weeks) or long-term (a few years). Which makes every day busy, dynamic and fun at the same time.”

Creatively fulfilling

“Personally, I really enjoy witnessing the growth of the company. I like the fact that I can contribute to process and technique improvement. It’s really creatively fulfilling.”