Project description

The EuroMBR project (European microbioreactor) is part of an initial training network in which versatile microbioreactors are developed that are capable to be used in various processes and analyte screenings. The cooperation partners are both universities in seven European countries and microbiotechnology related companies in four European countries.

Utilising on-line screening and scale-up of processes with small working volumes and information-rich performances the envisioned applications of the microbioreactors are:

  • Fermentation of cells under well-controlled environments and feeding strategies with the aim of studying the best conditions for cell growth and production optimisation.
  • Microfluidic enzymatic reactors for organic synthesis, thus rapid characterisation of biosynthetic pathways and chemo-enzymatic conversations.

Furthermore during the project chemical and biochemical screening systems will be developed that can be used in parallel systems. For the on-line screening tools inter alia immobilised sensors or sensor arrays will be utilised.

The role of Micronit within the EuroMBR project

Within the EuroMBR project Micronit will develop, manufacture and characterise microbioreactors equipped with advanced sensor technology and capable to optical readout.

More information about the EuroMBR project is available at:

This project receives funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework program for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 608104.

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