ESF - Sustainable employability

Project description

This ESF theme focuses on promoting sustainable employability. Sustainable employees are employees who can be healthy, motivated, competent and productive in the future.

Themes and activities on which advice can be obtained were in 2015:

  • Create a business or organization scan
  • Periodic research on sustainable employability of employees
  • Promoting healthy and safe working
  • Promote a learning culture for employees
  • Adjust organization of work in dialogue with the employees
  • Stimulating internal and external mobility
  • Promote a flexible work culture
  • Introduction of working hours management

Themes and activities on which advice can be obtained in 2016 are:

  • promoting healthy and safe work, including a healthier lifestyle, reducing work stress and unwanted behavior in the work environment;
  • promoting a learning culture for workers, including recognizing non-company-specific knowledge and skills;
  • stimulating internal mobility of workers, anticipating individual ambitions and development opportunities and facilitating employees towards entrepreneurship;
  • or promoting flexible working culture, including the introduction of flexible working hours management.

A project aims at promoting sustainable employability by:

  • obtaining advice with an implementation plan;
  • or obtaining guidance on the implementation of an opinion, including adjusting the organization of the work in dialogue with the workers.
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