Quality control

Dedicated to quality

To make sure our customers receive the right products, in good time and with the desired quality, Micronit employs a number of Lean Six Sigma methodologies. This is an organisation wide effort that requires flexibility, skills and knowledge from everyone involved, good communication and planning, and the use of robust and reliable processes.

Being able to measure with absolute accuracy is of great importance, especially in the micro and nanotechnology field. To do so Micronit has access to advanced measurement equipment, calibrated using traceable standards.

All manufacturing and provisions made for shipping occurs in a controlled environment.

Whether you need a solid manufacturing partner for high quality volume manufacturing, or a highly innovative development partner, we will gladly assist you.

Strong fundament

Our workforce consists of highly educated and well trained professionals in the micro- and nanotechnology field. A team, supported by proven technologies and validated processes, capable of providing complex Microfluidic or MEMS products and solutions, either for prototyping or high volume manufacturing purposes.


Our service starts at the very first interaction with our customers, during which we determine the parameters that are critical to quality (CTQ’s) for both the product and the customer. These parameters can consist of dimensional, functional and cosmetic requirements; and will result in an offer. 

Once an offer is conveyed into an order, concepts are transferred into designs, material and process choices are made, work packages are prepared and the execution is planned for our operations team.


During the execution of an order, full traceability of the used materials, processes, measurements and inspection results is provided on batch and wafer level. When required, traceability on product level can also be assured. Having each product uniquely identified is an additional option.
In order to monitor the performance of the different processes, SPC charts are used. This allows operators and engineers to detect process deviations in a timely manner.


Products are shipped all over the world. Either using best practice packaging methods or, when required, a dedicated packaging system. 

All of the above is described in the Micronit Quality Manual and in accordance to our ISO 9001 and 13485 certification.

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ISO 9001 certificate                                                                      ISO 13485 certificate