Together with our partners we aim to offer our customers complete solutions. Combining our strengths and using each other’s expert knowledge, enables us to make these solutions possible. To demonstrate this, read more about current partnerships below.


Together with Fluigent, we have co-developed a 4-dock organ-on-a-chip system with a pump and flow-rate control integrated that can be operated from a desk but also perfectly integrates in an incubator. 

Also, this partnership enables us to supply our customers with a total solution in the form of a chip, chipholder, pump and connection kit. For more information, please contact (link naar contactpagina) our team. 

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Helvoet & Axxicon

Micronit, Axxicon and Helvoet are collaborating in offering a market leading development and manufacturing package to support the growing global demand for high volume polymer microfluidic products. By combining our strengths, customers gain access to the entire value chain for polymer microfluidics, with just one point of contact.  This means a complete design center, always the best solution no matter the stage of the project, assurance of an optimal technology transfer and products that comply with ISO standards 9001 and 13485, FDA/GMP. 

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