Single nozzle droplet generators

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28 June 2017

We’ve added single nozzle droplet generators, with the nozzle etched on both sides, to our web store. These droplet generators have the following advantages:

  • Optimised nozzle geometry
  • Symmetric channels and nozzles for uniform droplet formation 
  • Droplet production stable over a wider size and frequency range
  • Smaller droplet sizes available

This microfluidic droplet generator is an excellent tool for generating highly reproducible micro-sized droplets with much higher precision and repeatability compared to conventional methods.
By tuning the relative viscosities, surface tension, and velocities between the dispersed and the continuous phase droplet size and frequency can be altered. Oil-in-Water (O/W) droplets can be generated directly using the glass chips. Also, these droplet generators are suitable for coating in order to form Water-in-Oil droplets (W/O). 
Application examples:
Cell, DNA, bead encapsulation for

  • drug discovery
  • drug studies
  • molecular biological studies
  • immunology studies
  • evolutional studies
  • enzyme catalysis studies.

Food, paints, foams

  • Bubble formation
  • Mineral Oil Emulsion Production
  • Particle production - PLGA, PEGDA, gelatine, alginate, polystyrene, agarose
  • Drug delivery - creams, aerosols


  • Droplet based micromixing
  • Droplet based microreactions