MicroTAS 2017 Conference

Miniaturised Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences

Enschede, 17 July 2017

The 21st International Conference on Miniaturised Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (µTAS 2017) will be held at the Savannah International Trade and Conference Center in Savannah, Georgia, USA from October 22 - 26, 2017.


Monica Brivio, strategic R&D Manager at Micronit, will be present and talk about the latest advances in flow control and show commercially and scientifically relevant examples. Examples of integrated flow control which include membrane-based valves and capillary flow elements. She will also show integrated membrane valve examples realised via adhesive-free techniques, combining a range of validated thermoplastic and elastomeric materials, with actuation via pneumatics but also via other means.

Furthermore, she will present integration of the electrostatic triggering mechanism of a capillary burst valve in a low-cost, thermoplastic chip, enabling sequential capillary flow in fully autonomous Point-of-Care devices.

Finally, she will show integration techniques particularly relevant to the Organ-on-chip field, integrating membranes and sensing elements, among others enabling TEER (transepithelial electrical resistance) and oxygen sensing.

For more information, please visit: http://www.microtas2017.org.