Tristan Franken

Team leader production

Name: Tristan Franken 
Function: Team leader production
Joined Micronit: 2016

New challenge

“I was approached via LinkedIn last year. Although I live 100 kilometres away, the job sounded very appealing. After having worked as a lead operator for eight years and becoming a team leader after that, this was an interesting next step. So despite the distance, I decided to go for it. And because it is such a great job, me and my family have decided to move closer to Enschede, which will reduce my travelling time.”

Team leader 

“As a team leader I continuously work with the operators and our planner. I know what needs to be done, figure out the best way to do it and when needed, receive support from the quality team as well as the process engineering team. Also, if there’s a problem, I try my best to solve it. It's important that the team can work continuously and safely. I also get all kinds of questions (related to production, planning or interns) during the day, which makes the job diverse and a lot of fun.”

Taking responsibility 

“I determine the priorities within the cleanroom. Which means making choices and taking responsibility together with the operators. Also, I try and maintain focus in the cleanroom as much as possible. For example, when pressure gets high, I maintain a helicopter view.”

A chance to contribute

“Micronit’s path has not yet been defined, which really gives me the chance to contribute. Also, I  really enjoy seeing the designed products actually get made whilst knowing what they will be used for.”