Steven Kamphuis

Allround operator

Name: Steven Kamphuis

Function: Allround operator

Joined Micronit: 2015


“We make devices that can change people’s lives”


How I joined Micronit

“I was trained as a laboratory technician and worked in this field for a few years. When I decided to look around for another job, a former co-worker brought a vacancy for Allround operator at Micronit to my attention. The job interview went well and I was excited to get to work at the High Tech Factory.”


“In the years I have been working at Micronit, the company has been growing rapidly and as a logical consequence of that, I have seen quite a lot of changes. When I started, I was part of a team only consisting of operators. Now, my team is much more blended and includes different members with distinctive capabilities. My colleagues surely are the best part of my job. We have a solid team with an open and pleasant atmosphere.”

Products that matter

“I’m proud of the fact that this company is about products that really matter. And I love contributing to that. When I look at a batch of chips we produced, I sometimes think of the changes these tiny devices will make on people’s lives. Each one of them could help to prevent or cure an illness. It feels good to contribute to a better future and have an impact on society.”

Strive for the best

“To me, a good day is when there is a lot of work to be done and me and my team manage to deliver top quality products. Personally, I don’t mind a bit of problem solving along the way, this keeps me alert. With the present knowledge and experience in our team, we can set the standards high and fully use the capabilities of both people and machines.”

Future wishes

“For the future, I’d like to keep developing myself. I also expect Micronit to keep growing and evolving. Now, we are able to think of smart solutions for existing problems. In an ideal future, I think we could provide solutions even before a problem has occurred.”