Paul von Gabain & Gerolf Wilting

Maintenance engineers

Names: Paul von Gabain & Gerolf Wilting 
Function: Maintenance engineers
Joined Micronit: Paul – 2016 / Gerolf – 2013

Maintenance engineers

Gerolf: “I joined Micronit as a maintenance engineer in April 2013, with the main task of reducing the downtime of machines. It started out with mainly handling ad hoc issues, but over the years my job has become more structured. We’re also responsible for spare part management, preventive maintenance planning and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) events.” 
Paul: “Before I started at Micronit, I spent six years at sea as a marine engineer. My current job has several similarities with my previous job, only the environment is very different. By coincidence, I saw the job opening at Micronit, which came at the right time. I was ready for a new step.”

More than 270 machines

Gerolf: “Basically, we ensure that machines have as little unplanned downtime as possible and that scheduled maintenance is performed in order to ensure the machines produce the right quality. We partly perform the maintenance ourselves, but involve the operators as much as possible. Some of the maintenance needs to be performed by external parties due to the complexity of the machines.” 
Paul: “We currently have more than 270 machines under our supervision. This means that we are dependent on the help of our production colleagues to keep all equipment in good working condition.” 

A challenging job

Gerolf: “Some days we’re both working at our desks and can quickly and easily consult with each other, other days we are constantly on the move. Once a week we have a team meeting to keep each other well informed regarding current issues as well as long term goals and projects.” 
Paul: “Projects, for example concerning new installations or purchased equipment, are an important part of our work and can easily take up half our working week. It’s challenging to constantly remain available for maintenance and possible errors, whilst managing different projects.”

Solving problems

Gerolf: “The best part of my job, is the variety in subjects of the occurring challenges as well as the projects I get to work on in a high-tech environment for a company that develops amazing products.”
Paul: “Personally, what I really enjoy, is solving (at first sight) unexplainable issues that might occur in our advanced cleanroom. Issues for which you really need to dig deep before you figure out the problem. The satisfaction of being able to resolve such an issue, whilst working in such a diverse environment, is what makes it all worth it.”