Dimitris Nikoloutsopoulos

Production Process Engineer

Name: Dimitris Nikoloutsopoulos
Function: Production Process Engineer
Joined Micronit: 2015

“I don’t just work here, I feel responsible and involved.”

Good numbers, good time, high quality

“Our department is responsible for the manufacturing of products. Meaning we make sure that every run that goes through our cleanroom ends up with a good yield. It’s our main goal to deliver good numbers, within good time and with high quality. As a Production Process Engineer my job is to make sure that our processes run smoothly and that equipment is functioning according to its specifications. I create and optimise standard operating procedures and guide operators through them and also optimise products and processes and resolve any issues that may occur.”

A tempting offer

“Initially I started working as a Research & Development Process Engineer, but I quickly began working with the production team. That’s where I was needed more. So, after a year I was offered the position of Production Process Engineer. It was a tempting offer and I was quite flattered that they offered me the job. Working in the production and operations team, means a job right in the middle of the action and that is something that suits me. So I took the challenge.”

The show must go on

“It’s an intense job and I like it. My days are very diverse and dynamic. I start my day with a certain plan which often doesn’t work out, because of things that happen in between. Any issues that come up I address on the spot. The show must go on.”

It’s our company

“It’s a very welcoming company. There’s a lot of one-on-one guidance and feedback and colleagues are always willing to help. I quickly felt at home and now am part of a team that is constantly developing, achieving and thriving. We want to have success, it motivates us. I don’t just work here, I feel responsible and involved.”

Heard and seen

“One thing that is certain is that you are heard and seen. You’re not being judged, but you’re being coached. For example, if I wasn’t very good at my job, they would help me figure out what I am good at and see if they can steer me in that direction. Within the company. They look at your potential, the last thing they would do is waste a person.”