Erik Wilbrink

Erik Wilbrink, CCO Micronit

Erik Wilbrink

Chief Commercial Officer

As a Chief Commercial Officer, Erik Wilbrink is head of the Sales and Marketing departments of Micronit, and responsible for the commercial strategy of the company.


Before joining Micronit at the beginning of 2020, Erik was Director Business Development for Lidar at Innoluce, a leading innovator and supplier of MEMS mirror technology, which was acquired by Infineon in 2016. Up until the acquisition, Erik functioned as Chief Commercial Officer and investor at Innoluce. Prior to this, he was VP Sales & Marketing at Xsens, a global leader in MEMS-based 3D motion tracking technology and products.


With more than 25 years of experience in the ICT and high-tech industry, Erik has a drive for successfully matching commerce and innovation. He graduated from the University of Twente and has a Master in Business Information Technology.