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Chipholder Fluidic Connect PRO


The lab-on-a-chip platform Fluidic Connect offers a user-friendly way of creating your own lab-on-a-chip setup within minutes of time. The microfluidic chips within the platform enable micro reaction, cell analysis, droplet generation and many more. The chipholders are durable, robust and compatible with standard laboratory equipment such as syringe pumps and upright and inverted microscopes.

Brochure Fluidic Connect PRO

Brochure Fluidic Connect PRO


All Micronit's standard microfluidic chips fit within the customised chipholder.

Use Fluidic Connect for your lab-on-a-chip experiments and reduce your time to obtain results!    

 Key features of Fluidic Connect:

  • User-friendly, leak-free connections
  • Chemically inert materials
  • Large chip viewing area
  • Compatible with upright and inverse microscopes
  • Building block in a modular system
  • Standard and custom chips available

For small volume, single batch, prototyping "Fluidic PRO" is the solution. With the Fluidic PRO you can experiment on small scale with a customised chipholder and customised chip designs!

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