Prototyping - Fluidic PRO

Prototyping - Fluidic PRO

For small volume, single batch, prototyping "Fluidic PRO" is the solution. A set of simple design rules and standard formats lets you easily and economically design chips for your specific needs.


Picto from idea into microfluidic prototype


Fluidic PRO offers maximum freedom through a wide range of possibilities.

  • Customized designs
  • Up to 4 different customized designs per batch
  • Glass-Glass; Borosilicate and Fused Silica, Glass-Silicon
  • Wet-etched, powder blasted, or DRIE-etched structures
  • Wide range of channel depths and widths
  • Thin-bottom chips
  • Suitable for resealable flowcells
  • Integrated electrodes
  • 10 standard chip formats
  • Small batches

The Fluidic PRO prototyping service allows your microfluidic designs to be manufactured in a class 100 cleanroom by professionals. Fluidic PRO enables you to stay focussed on your research. It saves you time both in design and lab hours, speeds up your research, makes you more productive and allows you to publish sooner.

Chip Holders

All Fluidic PRO chips are compatible with Micronit's Chipholders and Fluidic Connections. These Chip holders offer a user-friendly way of connecting your microfluidic chips to standard laboratory equipment such as syringe pumps and microscopes.

How to proceed?

Create up to 4 different designs of a desired channel layout. These can be presented as CAD designs but simple sketches are also fine.

Contact the Micronit sales team to discuss your requirements and receive a quotation.

After you place the order our microfluidics design experts will transform your designs to CAD designs. We will send the designs back to you for a final check, and after your approval we will start processing. After 3 to 4 weeks, you will receive your chips and you can start your research.




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