Polymer technologies

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Polymer technologies

For prototyping and product development projects Micronit is capable of making polymer microfluidic chips (in addition to glass and silicon chips). For mass-manufacturing Micronit has multiple cooperations with injection moulding companies.


Micronit uses a CNC micro-milling machine to drill and mill directly into polymers and to make metal moulds for hot embossing. Milling directly into polymer is a very effective way of rapid prototyping, because no masks or moulds are needed. The smallest bits that Micronit uses are 100 micrometer in diameter.

CNC milled PMMA substrate

Hot embossing

Micronit has hot embossing equipment to replicate microfluidic structures on a stamp into polymer material. With this method it is possible to create much smaller and smoother structures in polymer compared to micro-milling.


When small structures like channels are made in polymer, Micronit uses various sealing techniques to cover the channels. These techniques include:

- Lamination of heat-sealing tape

- Thermal bonding

- Low temperature bonding 


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