Glass technologies

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Foundry Capabilities

  • 4”, 5”, and 6” substrate processing
  • glass-etching (HF and DRIE)
  • micropowderblasting
  • structured MEMS wafers
  • bonding (glass-to-glass, glass-to-silicon)
  • coating
  • thin glass handling
  • metalization (Pt, Au, Cu,  etc)
  • plasma deposition
  • surface modifications
  • metrology
  • dicing
  • packaging and labelling
  • more

Glass technologies

Microfluidic glass chips are manufactured by etching or powderblasting holes, cavities, microchannels and nanochannels in glass substrates. If required electrodes can be integrated in the devices. These substrates are then bonded and diced to create the individual devices. Our broad portfolio of micromaching technologies and years of experience make us an ideal outsourcing partner.


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