Active Flow Control

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We at Micronit are now pleased to offer active flow control systems based on fully integrated membrane valves and pumps. We have developed a variety of reliable on-chip valve and pump technologies all based on optically clear materials, which can be actuated through pneumatic control systems. The development of our platform technologies means we are able to provide these valves and pumps in a selection of materials and hybrid combinations all designed to meet application specific needs and our customers’ requirements. These material combinations include, but are not limited to:

  • COC devices with COP membranes
  • Full COC devices
  • Glass devices with PDMS membranes
  • Full glass devices

On-chip flow control enables the design of simpler, more compact microfluidic devices, which can lead to cost reductions in the resulting system. These chips can be design to integrate a large variety of functionalities, thereby reducing the need for manual handling between process steps. An example of added functionality is our active mixer chip, which allows the mixing of asymmetric volumes and can be seen in figure X. These additional functionalities for on-chip integration can include:

  • Accurate volume sampling
  • Spatial and temporal control over fluid flows
  • Mixing of asymmetric volumes
  • Multiple washing steps
  • Incubation and heating
  • PCR or other thermal-cycling capabilities
  • Detection and sensor integration
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