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One important part of a microfluidic system is the interfacing of fluidic and electrical connections. Micronit offers a whole range of standard and custom solutions to connect your chip to the outside world.

Fluidic Connect Pro

Fluidic Connect Pro is a flexible standardized interfacing platform for microfluidics. It can be used with almost any microfluidic chip offered by Micronit. The platform is based on out-of-plane connections both fluidic and electrical. The Fluidic Connect Pro footprint corresponds to the SBS microtiter plate format and it has interchangeable inserts to easily adapt to different microfluidic formats, devices and port layouts.

Key features of the Fluidic Connect Pro

  • Load ’n Seal fast and reliable fluidic and electrical connections
  • Compatible with a wide range of chip sizes
  • Easily customizable
  • Compatible with upright and inverted microscopes
  • Pressures up to 10 bars possible in standard configuration
  • Temperatures up to 100°C

Fluidic Connect 4515

The Fluidic Connect 4515 is a compact microfluidics interfacing platform that can be used for almost all Micronit’s 45×15 mm2 chips. The chip holder has 6-32UNC threaded ports for off-the-shelf threaded fitting assemblies. Micronit offers 1/16” OD tubes, 365µm OD capillaries and electrical connections for these ports. Modifications and alternative tubings are optional upon request.

Key features of the Fluidic Connect 4515

  • Fast and easy fluidic and electrical connections
  • Compatible with upright and inverted microscopes
  • Pressures up to 100 bars possible
  • Compact solution


The SideConnect platform focusses on fluidic interfacing in-plane. Clever ways of connecting tubes and connectors to the side of the microfluidic device result in a slim design. Micro connectors are developed for small size connections to the fluidic channel layouts.

Key features of the in-line SideConnect interfacing

  • low dead volume
  • Straight uninterrupted flow path
  • Compact solution

Key features of the cartridge SideConnect interfacing

  • Direct contact to your channel geometry
  • Compatible with standard pipetting tools
  • Compact solution
  • Easy to use
Fluidic Connect Pro
Side Connect CE cartridge
SideConnect flowcell
Fluidic Connect 4515
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