‘I2I Project’ has started in 2012!

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‘I2I Project’ has started in 2012!

The Project ‘Innovation to Industrialisation for advanced Micro- and Nanosystems’ (I2I), started in Spring 2012! This project was initiated by Business Cluster Semiconductors and has 21 projectpartners, 19 MKB companies, The Radboud University and the University Twente (UT). I2I supports MKB companies active in micro-and nanotechnology to further industrialise their developed technologies and applications. Till the end of 2014 the consortium, lead by the Business Cluster Semiconductors for I2I, receives a subsidy of almost 6 million Euro from The European Regional Development Fund, the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland, Regio Twente and the Dutch government. The MKB companies contribute an amount of nearly 4.8 million Euro.

Project Consortium

  • Advanced Laser Separation International (ALSI), The Netherlands (link)
  • Advanced Packaging Center (APC), The Netherlands (link)
  • Boschman Technologies, The Netherlands (link)
  • Centre for Concepts in Mechatronica (CCM), The Netherlands (link)
  • Concept 2 Volume – ThermoFischer Scientific (C2V-TFS), The Netherlands (link)
  • MASER Engineering, The Netherlands (link)
  • Medspray XMEMS, The Netherlands (link)
  • Micronit Microfluidics, The Netherlands (link)
  • NovioMEMS, The Netherlands (link)
  • Radboud University, The Netherlands (link)
  • Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (RUNMC), The Netherlands (linklink)
  • SenzAir, The Netherlands (link)
  • SolMateS, The Netherlands (link)
  • Solutions-on-Silicon, The Netherlands (link)
  • Tf2 devices, The Netherlands (link)
  • University of Twente, The Netherlands (link)
  • U-Needle, The Netherlands (link)


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