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Microreactor Technology (MRT) or flow chemistry is an upcoming technology in the fine-chemistry and the pharmaceutical industry. The excellent mass- and heat-transfer properties of microreactors give this technology many advantages over batch-wise chemistry.

Mixing and heating fluids in a Microreactor yields a very high degree of control on the chemical reaction. Only small quantities of fluids are necessary because of the limited space in a Microreactor. This means that heating and cooling can be done more precisely. Unwanted side reactions due to gradients in temperature or concentration therefore do almost not occur. This means that the reaction in a microreactor yields a purer product than batch-wise chemistry. Scaling up with microreactor technology can be done fast and under continuous and consistent circumstances.

Due to the low hold-up per Microreactor this technology is inherently safe. Microreactor technology lends itself perfectly to highly exothermic or otherwise dangerous chemical reactions.

Microreactor mixing fluids

Broad range of Microreactors available

Micronit offers a broad range of different microreactors both of the shelf as well as custom made. The smaller types in the webstore are compatible with the Fluidic Connect PRO chipholder. The larger MR_1507 can be ordered with a frame to connect the microreactor to peripheral equipment. Contact our sales team when you require a custom microreactor tailored to your application/reaction.

Advantages Microreactors over batchwise chemistry

  • higher yield and selectivity
  • inherently safer processing
  • straight forward scaling-up
  • continuous production possible
  • improved reactor control
  • enables new chemistry.
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