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Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)

The EIS-chip (Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy chip) is an inline monitoring system on a single microfluidic chip. The EIS-chip is designed for electrical characterization and counting of droplets, cells or particles. The particles and cells are detected as they pass between the out-of-plane electrodes. These specially designed plane parallel electrodes (figure 2B) achieve a more parallel and uniform electric field when compared to  electrodes on one side of the channel(figure 2A). This increased field uniformity on the EIS-chip enables better particle detection by data acquisition systems. The Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy chip is compatible with an interfacing system based on the Fluidic Connect PRO platform. This system features both fluidic and electrical interfacing to the chip.

closeup EISP electrodes
connector with EIS-chip
EISP-complete setup

EIS-Chips in a fixed or a customizable design

The Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy chip is deliverable in a fixed design, a customizable design and a fully customized design. The EIS-chips with a fixed and a customizable design are compatible with the Fluidic Connect PRO.

The fixed EIS-chip design offers a quick start with a lead time of less than 2 weeks. Additional EIS-chips can be ordered per 2 pieces and all at limited costs.

With the customizable design you can choose your own channel heights and widths on the EIS-chip. The chip dimensions (45 x 15mm), electrode layout and the hole pattern are fixed. The minimum order quantity is 12 pcs., up to 4 different channel designs.

When you need the fully customized EIS-chip, you can determine the dimensions and patterns of the EIS-chip yourself. This includes the channels and electrodes layout as well as the hole-pattern on the EIS-chip. And when you need some help for the design, our sales team is happy to assist you. Ask our sales team for a quote.

EIS-Chips delivered in a complete package

The EIS-chip can be delivered as a complete system package as well. There we work together with our partners Fluigent and Zurich Instruments. Fluigent delivers accurate flow control systems and the data acquisition system is offered by Zurich Instruments. Contact our sales team for more information.

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