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Chip holders and connections

The Fluidic Connect PRO and the Fluidic Connect 4515 allow user to make fluidic and electrical connections to microfluidic chips in a user friendly way. With these chip holders you create your lab-on-chip setup within minutes of time.  The chip holders are durable and robust. They are compatible with standard laboratory equipment such as syringe pumps and upright and inverted microscopes.

Fluidic Connect PRO Chipholder
fluidic connect 4515_3
SideConnect CE cartridge
SideConnect flowcell

Fluidic Connect PRO chip holder

The Load ‘n Seal design of the Fluidic Connect PRO chip holder assures tight connections that can be made in seconds. By using inserts the chip holder easily adapts to chips of different sizes and thicknesses. It is even capable of connecting multiple microfluidic chips at one time.

All Micronit’s standard microfluidic chips fit within the customized chip holder.
Use Fluidic Connect for your lab-on-a-chip experiments and reduce your time to obtain results!

Key features of Fluidic Connect PRO chip holder:

  • User-friendly, leak-free connections
  • Optional electrical connections
  • Chemically inert materials
  • Large chip viewing area
  • Footprint of a micro titer plate
  • Compatible with upright and inverse microscopes
  • Building block in a modular system
  • Standard and custom chips available

For small volume, single batch, prototyping “Fluidic PRO” is the solution. With the Fluidic PRO you can experiment on small scale with a customized chip holder and customized chip designs!

Fluidic Connect 4515 chip holder

The Fluidic Connect 4515 is a basic tool for lab-on-a-chip experiments. Fluidic Connect 4515 is a user-friendly chip holder providing leak-free fluidic connections. It enables to work safely under high pressure(up to 100 bar / 1450 psi). Includes inverter frame, for use on upright microscopes, and user manual.

SideConnect Technology, the new way to make connections

Micronit has developed a new type of fluidic connection, in addition to its currently standardized Fluidic Connect Pro platform. The patent pending SideConnect technology allows improved integration of microfluidic devices. SideConnect enables high quality chip interfacing that reduce dead volume and sharp edges in the flow path. These connections are specifically interesting for applications where droplets, particles or very expensive reagents are used. Beside the applications advantages SideConnect technology allows a more cost effective way of making integrated microfluidic devices. The microfluidic connection is made at the bonding interface between top and bottom wafer (side connection). Traditional connections need through holes from top or bottom in one substrate. This adds process cost and device footprint compared to the SideConnect approach.

Micronit’s SideConnect technology is compatible with applications like capillary electrophoresis, (parallelized) droplet generation, micro reactions and many more. For specific applications the chip-cartridge design can be customized.

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