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Lab-on-a-chip product development

Micronit develops and manufactures lab-on-a-chip products in close cooperation with customers. Lab-on-a-chip products integrate laboratory processes on a single microfluidic chip or microfluidic cartridge releasing new applications and possibilities.

In the last 15 years this has led to numerous successful market introductions in critical and demanding applications such as DNA sequencing and point-of-care diagnostics.

Building on over a decade of lab-on-a-chip product development experience, Micronit can take care of a complete lab-on-a-chip consumable development, or provides its support in design for manufacturing. When the design and prototyping is done Micronit can produce the lab-on-a-chip products from small startup volume up to full swing volume manufacturing  Micronit offers its lab-on-a-chip product development services with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification. Lab-on-a-chip product development requires multi-disciplinary teams that operate in close contact with our customers. Creating the best team results in lab on a chip product development time to markets that are drastically reduced. Our experience in lab-on-a-chip product development combines decades of microfluidics and micromachining expertise that enables us to optimize the device not only in functionality, but also for manufacturing cost. Optimal lab-on-a-chip product development allows or customers to have the highest return on investment possible.

Most lab-on-a-chip product developments pass through a series of stages, from idea to volume manufacturing. For every stage we provide the required service.

concept to product

Idea and concept generation

Our team of engineers is a mixed team of designers, physicists, chemists and biologists. This mixed background enables us to transform our customers idea into a first lab-on-a-chip conceptual product.

Feasibility study

With a first conceptual product in place, a thorough review of all requirements, possibilities and limitations will be conducted. Based on this input the initial conceptual lab-on-a-chip product will be further refined. Subsequently the risks will be identified, where possible eliminated or a risk management strategy deployed. For instance simulation and process short loops can be used to reduce risks. On the end of this feasibility stage a lab-on-a-chip product concept, initial risk assessment and report with the results will be presented to our customers.


The concepts, created as part of the feasibility study, will be translated into a proof-of- principal design. Subsequently proof-of-principle prototypes are produced. As a result of our in house (rapid) prototyping capabilities we can assure optimal throughput time and short communication lines. Together with our customer, we will evaluate the concept and if necessary we will do a redesign and restart the prototyping phase.

Design and prototype fabrication

When the proof-of-principle stage is successfully completed the design is in several iterations and prototype runs made ready for serial production.

0-series and volume manufacturing

When the device is ready for serial production, device is released for serial production by use of 0-series. When the 0-series samples are approved by both Micronit and the customer, the design is frozen and Micronit can start ramping up the manufacturing of the lab-on-a-chip product. In volume production we can cover both smaller startup volumes as full swing production. Our cleanroom facilities have the capacity to fabricate large batches of microfluidic chips.

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