Product development

From concept to product

At Micronit we have been helping industrial customers bring successful, next generation products to market since 1999. Especially in the field of medical and life science research technology products. Successful microfluidic or MEMS device developments for any industry market start with reliable, well-working designs that are suited for manufacturing, with the shortest possible time to market. Just one of our specialities at Micronit.

Meeting your product development needs

Together with our specialists and engineers, and by taking functionality, scalability and cost into consideration, we create tailored designs that meet your requirements. Our multidisciplinary team can collaborate smoothly with your development teams in a true partnership approach, to achieve your goals.

Product development process

Our experienced Micronit product developers first identify your design requirements and fabrication strategy, so that they can tailor the solution to your needs. This is followed by the agile design process that starts within the Micronit R&D team. We then select the appropriate materials that meet all the requirements, staying within your budgetary guidelines. Micronit is unique in that we can make use of basically any type of material; glass, polymers, silicon and other materials, or any combination of these.

Then we move on to design and prototype testing, possibly followed by the implementation of reiterations. At a certain moment we reach the proof-of-principle stage, 0-series, validation and production. This includes the assembly and packaging of commercial products. Quality control and assurance measurements are embedded in accordance to ISO 9001 and ISO 13458 directives, such as statistical process control and traceability procedures.

Your benefits

  • Design to development, prototyping and (contract) manufacturing of lab-on-a-chip and MEMS devices
  • Collaborative and productive partnership
    Mapping out the transfer of your business ideas along a joint product development, together
  • Broad range of available materials and established processes that meet your requirements
    Your application and required solution drives the selection of the best-suited materials and processes
  • Unique combination of expertise in microfluidics, semi-conductor, mems and micromachining capabilities
    Our experts have the cutting-edge knowledge and experience to come up with optimal micro and nanotechnology solutions
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